Today I would like to present something completely different here. I sometimes deal with mystical topics and paranormal phenomena. However, never with the glasses of the gullible naïf, but also not with those of the one who goes through life with blinders on. I always think to myself: who knowsContinue Reading

Entrepreneurs and self-employed people often find their livelihoods hanging by a thread. An incident that causes turnover to fail could lead to the threat of insolvency. The reason for this is that lenders often show no mercy. Those who do not pay their loan instalments on time have a problem.Continue Reading

The wildest stories used to circulate on the internet about people being ripped off by crooks. Fortunately, this is no longer so easy today. Procedures have been introduced where better and better security clearances have been established. With smart devices, it is now common for fingerprints to be checked, facialContinue Reading

My goodness, the speeches some politicians make. It warms the cockles of your heart. How do they manage to get to the point and carry you away like that? Also astonishing: many an underexposed celebrity writes a biography in perfect German. One would hardly have expected that. How can thatContinue Reading

There are many things in life that people say they should have done once. A trip to New York, climbing a big mountain, starting a business – whatever. Everyone has their own ideas. Today we are focusing on renting a yacht. Why is that? Because a yacht is a kindContinue Reading

The famous stock market speculator Andre Kostolanyi used to say: “Whoever has money can speculate. Those who don’t have money MUST speculate.” What was he trying to tell us? Probably that people with little money and little income have no choice but to take high risks. They have nothing toContinue Reading