The classic light bulb has now been successfully ousted from households. Good for the environment, they consumed huge amounts of electricity because they produced a lot of heat. They were replaced by economical LED lights. This was particularly important in the bathroom, because bathrooms often have no windows and thereforeContinue Reading

Allotment gardens have always been ridiculed by the real estate market. They were considered a haven of stuffiness and something for old people. But things are changing. Mainly because in the Corona pandemic they have become for many the last retreat where one could move freely. The demand is enormous,Continue Reading

Consumers and consumer advocates have become more critical in recent decades. The trend is more and more that products should be of organic quality and that they come from animal-friendly husbandry. Organic products are easy to recognise by the labels introduced by the EU. But what about animal welfare? HowContinue Reading

Parents know, with children there is a kind of guarantee. It applies if you put something in their hands. Guaranteed it will be broken an hour later. Why? Because children under the age of 10 learn a lot through trial and error and want to try everything. For example, whatContinue Reading