Marketing tips for online shops

Online business is basically a beautiful thing. Good products can be sold without any intermediaries. You don’t need to invest in real estate and shop fittings. Everything could be perfect. If it weren’t for the problem of being found and the competition. Because on the web, the threshold for competitors is low and a hot battle has broken out for presence in web search and social media. How does a shop operator survive in this environment?

SEO and social media

Beginners in particular should realise that newly opened online shops usually get no presence at all. Google has now reached a point where new sites need months to work out their ranking position. Every measure that follows also needs months to have an effect. Today, real investments are required in SEO, which are constantly continued. They serve the purpose of generating a stable flow of visitors from organic search.

A somewhat faster option would be to plaster the social media with ads. Traffic can be generated immediately from these ads. In this way, a stream of visitors could be built up relatively quickly even in hotly contested markets. Very popular topics are always basically health, sports, finance, cars and technology. Currently, there is a trend towards CBD products and e-cigarettes. This means that in some sectors it is always difficult. In others, it is mainly seasonal phenomena or mostly trends that trigger high competition.

Building and maintaining existing customers

Companies today know very well that existing customers are much more important than new customers. Existing customers already know the products and have made a purchase. There is no need to build up trust or sympathy with them again. Generating additional sales with them requires little effort. Acquiring new customers, on the other hand, is an extremely difficult and costly undertaking. You can see it in the market for mobile phones and DSL. Companies lure customers with discounts, gifts and other goodies. This is incredibly expensive for them. Existing customers, on the other hand, often pay much more and are treated worse. Instead, they should be nurtured and cared for. Simply do everything to make them stay.

CX and UX – always keep an eye on them

Ask friends or acquaintances to visit your shop. Have them look around and then buy a product as a test. Afterwards, ask them if they got around well, or if they had to search for a long time. Or whether they encountered difficulties during the purchase and payment process. Studies show quite clearly: if there is even the slightest conspicuousness in the shop on the way to the checkout, people immediately abandon the purchase. Even if it is only because the design differs from that of the main page. After all, their personal data and payment transactions are at stake. Therefore, it is important that the navigation is tip-top and that there are plenty of confidence-inspiring signals on the page.