Sell books online - make money with used books

Sell books online – Make Money with used books

It’s an everyday scenario that many of us are familiar with: Over the years, books accumulate at home – novels, reference books, travel guides and much more. They often sit unnoticed on the shelf and take up valuable space. However, the thought of simply throwing them away seems wasteful, especially when you consider that each book has its own history and value. So the question arises: what to do with all these books? Simply stashing them away in a box in the basement is not a sustainable solution, and many book lovers are looking for a way to pass on their read treasures in a meaningful way or even make a small financial profit from them.

There are ways to turn these books into something valuable, either in the form of money or as a contribution to the cycle of reuse. Specialised reseller platforms are ideal for this.

Choosing the right sales platform

When selling used books online, choosing the right platform is an essential step. Not every platform is the same and each has its own strengths and target groups. Some are ideal for rare or specialised books, while others are better suited to general, popular literature. Deciding where to offer your books can mean the difference between a quick sale and a long wait, between high and low profit margins. It’s important to choose a platform that not only has high traffic, but also the right kind of buyers for the type of books you want to sell.

Differences between online marketplaces

Large online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon are known for their broad reach and diversity. They provide access to a large number of buyers, which is particularly useful if you want to sell a variety of different books quickly. These platforms are great for popular books or bestsellers. However, competition is often stronger here and fees can often be significantly higher than on specialised or smaller sites.

The sales rules are also more complicated. Furthermore, you have to wait for each book to be sold individually. You can’t launch your collection in one fell swoop.

Advantages and disadvantages of book reseller sales sites


If you sell books on Medifanten or similar reseller sites, they offer the advantage of buying entire collections in one go. As a rule, all you have to do is enter the author and title and you will receive a price offer for each individual work. In this way, you can rid your entire home of the books you no longer want in one fell swoop and receive all the money in your hand immediately. This is how it works:

Of course, this payment may bring in less money. However, you can sell your entire stock at once and save a lot of time selling the books individually on your own. All you have to do is send in a parcel containing the books. The dealer will then check it and transfer the money.

Choosing the right reseller portal

When deciding to use a reseller portal to sell your book collection, it is important to first get an overview of the different options available. Each portal has its own strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right one can have a significant impact on the success and convenience of the sales process. It is crucial to look thoroughly at both the terms and conditions and the services on offer in order to make the best possible decision for your individual needs.

Evaluation criteria for reseller portals

When comparing different conditions and offers of the portals, you should pay particular attention to the purchase prices offered, additional fees and the specific requirements for the condition of the books. It is also advisable to familiarise yourself with the payment terms and the duration of the entire sales process. Careful research into customer experiences and service quality will also give you an insight into the reliability and customer-friendliness of the platforms. Reviews and testimonials from other sellers can be very informative.

Advantages of specialised book buying services

Specialised book buying services often offer a high level of speed and convenience in the sales process. They allow you to sell a large number of books quickly and easily without having to worry about individual listings or despatch. Another important point is to compare purchase prices and fee structures. Some services may offer higher prices for certain categories of books or cover shipping costs, while others may offer lower prices but faster payments. It’s worth comparing these factors carefully to find the most favourable offer for you.

Preparing books for sale to resellers

If you have decided to sell your book collection to a reseller, careful preparation is crucial. The key to success lies in the accurate recording and presentation of your books. Not only will this help to maximise the overall value of your collection, it will also greatly simplify the sales and valuation process.

Creating a book list

Creating a detailed book list is the first step in effectively selling your books to a reseller. The importance of this step is that you have a clear overview of your collection. Start by recording the books, including title, author and ISBN number.

This information is not required for effective valuation by the buying service. It is usually sufficient to enter the ISBN or scan the barcode with your mobile phone. An offer price is then usually displayed immediately.

Nevertheless, a list is useful. It makes it easier for you to compare the providers with each other and to analyse the price offers in total. You can also use it to check that a parcel is complete before you send it in.

Condition and categorisation of the book collection

Evaluating the condition of each book is another important step. Resellers often rate books according to their physical condition, which directly affects the purchase price. Categorise your books according to their condition, such as ‘like new’, ‘good’, ‘acceptable’ or ‘heavily used’. This also allows you to be more realistic about the price you can actually achieve. This is because a valuation is usually carried out when the parcel containing the books is received. It can happen that the price that the calculator had previously calculated is not always achieved.