More Enjoyment Through Softened Drinking Water

More Enjoyment Through Softened Drinking Water

Drinking water is the foundation of our daily lives. We drink it pure, use it for cooking, for making hot beverages, and it flows through many of our household appliances. However, the quality of drinking water can vary greatly, especially in terms of lime content. Hard, lime-rich water can not only damage appliances and pipes but also affect the taste of drinks and food. This is where water softeners come into play, ensuring softened drinking water. Previous experiences with Evodrop AG and similar providers show that this significantly enhances enjoyment.

Why is Lime-Rich Water a Problem?

Lime-rich water contains high concentrations of dissolved calcium and magnesium. While these minerals are not harmful to health, they can cause various disadvantages:

  1. Taste Impairment: Lime-rich water often has a slightly metallic taste, which can negatively affect enjoyment. Coffee and tea made with hard water often taste flat and bitter.
  2. Deposits in Appliances: Coffee machines, kettles, and other household appliances that regularly come into contact with water can wear out faster due to lime deposits. This not only leads to higher energy consumption but also to more frequent repairs and a shorter lifespan of the devices.
  3. Household Cleaning: Lime deposits in the bathroom and kitchen are not only unsightly but also difficult to remove. They often require the use of aggressive cleaning agents that burden the environment and surfaces.

The Solution: Softened Drinking Water

Using a water softener or decalcification system can significantly reduce the lime content in the water. This brings several benefits:

  1. Improved Taste: Softened water tastes fresher and softer. Hot beverages like coffee and tea unfold their full aroma as no disturbing minerals overshadow the taste.
  2. Longer Lifespan of Household Appliances: Without lime deposits, coffee machines, kettles, and washing machines remain functional and efficient longer. This not only saves money but also protects the environment by reducing electronic waste and energy consumption.
  3. Easier Cleaning: Softened water leaves no unsightly residues on faucets, tiles, and glass. This reduces cleaning effort and the need for aggressive cleaning agents.

How Does Water Softening Work?

Water softeners have become indispensable in many households, especially in regions with hard water. These devices usually work on the principle of ion exchange, a proven method for effectively reducing lime in water. The principle is simple yet highly effective: The dissolved calcium and magnesium ions responsible for water hardness are replaced by sodium ions. The result is soft, lime-free water, which brings numerous advantages. Here an example of the Evodrop technology and customer experiences:

How Ion Exchangers Work

An ion exchanger consists of a container filled with a special resin mass. This resin mass is loaded with sodium ions. When hard water flows through the container, the resin particles exchange their sodium ions for the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. As a result, the unwanted minerals are bound in the resin, while the water is enriched with sodium ions and thus becomes softer.

Regeneration of the Resin

After a certain period, the resin becomes saturated with calcium and magnesium ions and must be regenerated. This process usually occurs automatically and is carried out by the water softening system itself. A saline solution is flushed through the resin, which dissolves the calcium and magnesium ions and replaces them with sodium ions again. The resin is then ready to soften more hard water. Regeneration only requires a regular supply of salt, which is the only maintenance the user needs to perform.


Softened drinking water offers numerous benefits that make everyday life more pleasant and efficient. Improved water quality enhances the taste of drinks and food, extends the lifespan of household appliances, and makes cleaning easier. Anyone looking for more enjoyment in everyday life should consider purchasing a water softener. This not only increases personal comfort but also contributes to environmental protection.

Softened drinking water is more than just a luxury – it is a step towards a more enjoyable and sustainable life.