Massage – good protection against incapacity for work

In western industrialised countries, there is a very high rate of employees who become unable to work in the course of their lives. For society, this entails immense expenses. For those affected, it is a disaster in every respect. They not only lose their income. They lose an enormous amount of quality of life. A high proportion of these problems could be avoided relatively easily with the right prevention.

Occupational disability – what can be done about it?

In the meantime, it is predominantly psychological reasons that lead to early retirement. These include, above all, depression and burnout. Of course, something can be done about this, especially prophylactically. However, this topic is too complex and, above all, very individually conditioned to poke around in it now.

It is much easier to start with back problems. They account for about 20% of the cases in which people have to leave working life involuntarily. The causes are chronic pain, slipped discs and also severe forms of tinnitus. All illnesses whose causes can lie in the area of the spine, as the experts from told us. They see such cases again and again at work. The causes of such back problems are many and varied:

An acute lack of exercise among office workers causes muscles to harden or shorten. In addition, many workers do not follow the guidelines for ergonomic sitting. At some point, the unhealthy posture causes certain points on the skeleton to wear out too quickly.

For craftsmen and industrial workers, on the other hand, the exact opposite is the case. One-sided movements always strain the same points. It’s not for nothing that furniture packers or tilers always report the same points with pain.

Often, however, it is stress that makes itself felt more indirectly. The muscles tense up due to the permanent negative feeling of being in a hurry, bullying and pressure to perform. As a result, they harden. As a result, pain points appear on the skeleton. Sometimes the blood supply is reduced to such an extent that tinnitus is the result. In some cases, this can be remedied by appropriate gymnastics or massage.

For workers, it means watching out for spinal health like a lynx. Comply with workplace safety guidelines and make sure you exercise. Your back is one of the central points in your body that determines whether you stay fit and healthy for a long time or whether you are sidelined at a relatively early stage. Disability is a hard pill to swallow. You lose your income and your social environment. This results in much worse problems, such as depression and loneliness.

Our tip is therefore: sport, exercise and treat yourself to a massage every few months. Then you will at least maintain your work performance in this area for a long time.