The figures speak for themselves when it comes to internet use. Many websites and shops now register more than two-thirds of their visitors via mobile devices and not via desktop computers. You could also say: the PC is as good as dead. For companies, this makes it necessary to investContinue Reading

Digital payments are a win-win situation for a whole host of participants in an economy. It simplifies life for everyone involved. For this reason, we in Switzerland have implemented a modernisation measure that is the envy of some of their EU neighbours. We show the background of this payment methodContinue Reading

As a restaurateur, the success of your business lies in delivering quality. Convincing guests with good food or good drink so that they come back. I should say, come back. The term already contains it in itself. It requires that the visitors find their way there. Half of them doContinue Reading

Autocad (computer aided design) refers to computer-aided design. It is a programme from the company Autodesk. Autocad is used to model mostly 3-D objects. It is used by engineers, mechanical engineers or architects for the graphical representation of 3-D objects. What other “soft” requirements are there?Continue Reading