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It’s an everyday scenario that many of us are familiar with: Over the years, books accumulate at home – novels, reference books, travel guides and much more. They often sit unnoticed on the shelf and take up valuable space. However, the thought of simply throwing them away seems wasteful, especiallyContinue Reading

Jobinterview Engslish for IT Experts

In today’s world, the IT industry is characterised by increasing globalisation, which is reflected not only in the way technologies and services are used and developed worldwide, but also in the increasing internationalisation of the workforce. In this context, job interviews in English are increasingly becoming the norm, especially forContinue Reading

If you’ve ever grappled with the tangle of cables on your desk, you’ll appreciate the value of simplicity and efficiency. Over the past few years, technology has advanced at a rapid pace, and one particularly standout example is the USB-C monitor. But what exactly are USB-C monitors, and what benefitsContinue Reading

There used to be a lot of shenanigans on YouTube and money was made from it. Many vicious, sometimes brutal videos were created, but the “blind” algorithm quickly picked them up if they trended well and went viral. It’s bad when advertisers then run spots with them, along the linesContinue Reading