In the world of online shops, there is no getting around SEO. Unfortunately, many shop owners are not aware of this. They have great products, create wonderful online shops, but unfortunately they are not found by the target group. Purchases do not materialise. We explain why quality of products isContinue Reading

In colloquial language, the expression gold standard means that a certain method remains unsurpassed by all others. Therefore, it clearly illustrates the statement I would like to make here on the topic of “learning in the future”. Due to Covid, conditions have shifted massively. E-learning is displacing traditional learning andContinue Reading

In recent years, Switzerland has become a country where many EU citizens seek their professional and perhaps also their private happiness. No other country in the world, for example, has more Germans emigrating to it than we do. If you saw the emigrants on television, you might think it wasContinue Reading

Today I would like to present something completely different here. I sometimes deal with mystical topics and paranormal phenomena. However, never with the glasses of the gullible naïf, but also not with those of the one who goes through life with blinders on. I always think to myself: who knowsContinue Reading