One of the few positive aspects of the Covid-19 crisis is that general awareness of infectious diseases and hygiene has received a huge push forward, socially speaking. Many more of our fellow citizens are now aware that simple measures can drastically reduce infectious disease infections. This was evident from theContinue Reading

The figures speak for themselves when it comes to internet use. Many websites and shops now register more than two-thirds of their visitors via mobile devices and not via desktop computers. You could also say: the PC is as good as dead. For companies, this makes it necessary to investContinue Reading

Digital payments are a win-win situation for a whole host of participants in an economy. It simplifies life for everyone involved. For this reason, we in Switzerland have implemented a modernisation measure that is the envy of some of their EU neighbours. We show the background of this payment methodContinue Reading

Millions of cups of coffee are drunk every day. It is a drink that is popular in all cultures around the world. Probably only water or tea is drunk more. However, although so many enjoy coffee every day, they leave out potential when it comes to taste. Because with goodContinue Reading