Bottled Water vs Tap Water - which is better

Water is the most important element of our existence. Humans can endure hunger for a long time, but without water we barely survive a few days. Our body consists of 2/3 liquid. A regular supply in sufficient quantities is therefore indispensable. But which water should you drink to provide yourContinue Reading

One of the few positive aspects of the Covid-19 crisis is that general awareness of infectious diseases and hygiene has received a huge push forward, socially speaking. Many more of our fellow citizens are now aware that simple measures can drastically reduce infectious disease infections. This was evident from theContinue Reading

Mother Nature can sometimes be imagined as a good-humoured chemistry lab assistant, creating mixtures and elixirs with her jars and vessels. Many of them for the benefit of the earth’s inhabitants. They were distributed all over the earth to grow in plants, to lie in the earth or to beContinue Reading

Sometimes dentists meet patients whose mouths look like a bomb has hit them. All perforated and full of pus. You might think that these are people who are generally not behaving quite sensibly. But in reality, there is often fear behind it. Painful experiences in the past or simply subjective,Continue Reading

Fighting anxiety with plants, does that sound realistic? In principle, it is indeed possible. After all, everything in the body is chemical. And of course there are also plant substances that have an effect on the hormone balance and cause corresponding reactions. Plants with this kind of effect are nowContinue Reading

In the past, a woman was considered a bad mother if she wanted to send her children to daycare instead of looking after them herself. Today, that has changed significantly. Many more mothers are quickly back at work. That this is even an advantage for the development of young childrenContinue Reading

In times of Corona, new challenges have arisen for practices. There are requirements from the government against which measures had to be taken to prevent infections. In addition, there are ways in which the risk can be reduced voluntarily. But what are these and what contribution do they make toContinue Reading