SEO for technical online shops

In the world of online shops, there is no getting around SEO. Unfortunately, many shop owners are not aware of this. They have great products, create wonderful online shops, but unfortunately they are not found by the target group. Purchases do not materialise. We explain why quality of products is not everything, but why content marketing is essential in this business. Especially for those where it is about technology from a very specific niche.

There are usually only two ways to get visitors for a website or for an online shop without Google. This feat is achieved by celebrities or companies whose names or products everyone knows. Their pages are searched for and found directly. SEO is not necessary. There is Thorsten Havener, for example. We know him from the media, so he doesn’t need to do any SEO for his own site. The same applies to products like the Thermomix from Vorwerk. They also don’t need any great advertising to flood their shop with traffic. However, if you sell gaskets, staples, adhesive tape, water pipes – whatever – hardly anyone knows you directly by name.

Another option is to set up landing pages and then unleash a barrage of ads on YouTube and other social media. Then there will actually be traffic that is completely independent of Google.

For those who can’t do that, SEO is the only way to make your way to customers through the web.
Content marketing – this is how it works with Google

Unfortunately, there is no way around it. You will rank with other shops and sites for the best places on Google. For this, it is not enough if you simply upload the product catalogue to the web and then customers can put them in the shopping cart. Such simple-only-shop pages don’t stand a chance. It is necessary to create detailed texts for each of your products somewhere in the background. These should be helpful and look something like this:

  • How do I find the optimal gasket
  • Buying a gasket – what to look for
  • Which gasket is the best
  • Instructions – How to install a gasket correctly
  • What are the advantages of gaskets
  • The history of gaskets
  • etc.

It is a kind of FAQ that you as a salesperson get to hear from customers in your shop. They should be summarised on a landing page for the most important product categories. Afterwards, it is necessary to always post the latest news about the products on the blog. Google News is suitable for this, to pick up the most important topics. Write your own opinion on them. In these blog articles, in turn, link to the landing page with the respective anchor text. Google will then know that your landing page is the one where the most important information on the topic can be found. Therefore, it will be the one that is considered the most in the ranking.