Baby clothes should be pretty and comfortable – Koeka is convincing

Cute and high quality baby clothes in cotton and organic cotton can be found at Koeka. What should you look for when buying baby clothes? When you have a little baby, you naturally want the best for your little darling. Strong colours, bows or buttons everywhere? They are nice, but rather unsuitable. Here you can find out why and what you should look for when choosing.

What first baby clothes do you need?

You’ve probably been thinking about baby’s first clothes for a while. You can rely on these tips. At you will find the complete range in proven quality. First of all, swaddling bodysuits, rompers and overalls are important. Your little one will also need cotton hats, mittens and socks. Shirts and blankets will also keep your baby warm. A warm jacket is recommended for winter. That way you are on the safe side.


What to look for when choosing baby clothes

Honestly, you could just melt away when you see all those pretty little dresses. Flowers in bright colours, bows, buttons – but what really makes sense? Wearing comfort is especially important for babies, because they lie down most of the day. That’s why buttons and hoods are nice, but they shouldn’t be on the back. They are practical if they are attached to the shoulder seam. A romper suit with press studs at the crotch also makes swaddling easier. The materials should be soft and smooth. Denim tends to be hard and stiff and is therefore rather unsuitable. Baby clothes made of wool and silk look noble. Unfortunately, they are usually not washable at 40 degrees Celsius and therefore cause additional effort. Cotton is therefore best suited for baby clothes. Koeka has a wide range of baby clothes made of cotton and organic cotton.


How can you recognise high-quality baby clothes? Koeka has them!

You can recognise high-quality baby clothes by the Oeko-Tex seal of approval. Koeka’s baby clothes have this certification throughout. So you can always be sure that your little baby is protected from harmful substances. You can use a rule of thumb to determine the level of harmful substances: The more heavily the baby clothes are dyed, the more likely it is that the clothes have been treated with harmful substances or chemicals. An indication of this may be that the label states that the clothes and baby blankets must be washed separately so that they do not stain other clothes. When buying baby clothes, it is therefore advisable to choose jackets, knickers, dresses or baby blankets in pastel colours. At you can find pretty and comfortable baby clothes with Oeko-Tex certification and in pastel colours. See for yourself.