There are many things in life that people say they should have done once. A trip to New York, climbing a big mountain, starting a business – whatever. Everyone has their own ideas. Today we are focusing on renting a yacht. Why is that? Because a yacht is a kindContinue Reading

The famous stock market speculator Andre Kostolanyi used to say: “Whoever has money can speculate. Those who don’t have money MUST speculate.” What was he trying to tell us? Probably that people with little money and little income have no choice but to take high risks. They have nothing toContinue Reading

SEO and SEA have one thing in common. You can burn an enormous amount of money without achieving any effect. On the other hand, both ways offer excellent opportunities to run a business online and do well on the web. All you need to do is fit the most importantContinue Reading

When the financial assets of many citizens were destroyed during the years of hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic, a realization crystallized afterwards. All those who had invested their possessions in material assets survived this period with flying colors. They were as rich as before or even richer. While all thoseContinue Reading

There are studies on graduates of elite universities, which lead to interesting insights into who will later earn a lot of money and who less. It is said that such people can be recognized in the motivation letter. This says much more than you think. That’s why they have aContinue Reading

When you watch films about past centuries, there is one detail that can never be right: the teeth. In the Middle Ages or in the Wild West, people actually had many more gaps between their teeth. Even here in Europe they say that tourists from Germany in poor countries likeContinue Reading

Stolen identities, hacked company secrets, stolen personal data – these things are commonplace on the Internet. Why? Because there is basically a connection between every computer in a gigantic, global network. So theoretically, anyone can attack each other’s devices. Whether or not this is successful depends on the security technologyContinue Reading