Covid 19 – Avoid infection as long as possible

Covid 19 has now had a stranglehold on Switzerland for over a year. Nothing is over here for a long time yet. Only Israel and Great Britain are on the verge of being able to lead something like a real social life again. In most countries of the EU and also here, things are moving a little slower. Especially in this phase of the pandemic, we have to be very careful. At the moment, the virus is mutating and becoming more and more dangerous, even for younger people. Therefore, the main goal should be to somehow survive the time until the vaccine is available. What is the best way to do that?


Rapid tests for all cases

In the meantime, technology has developed to such an extent that a Covid-19 rapid test is available everywhere. You can get it at the discount store or at the pharmacy. You can get these tests by the box for only a few francs. By all means use them and don’t be stingy. When you meet someone, give him or her a quick test. If your child wants to play with a friend, don’t be afraid to give the little guest a test if the parents haven’t done so anyway. With the help of such tests, you can successfully prevent infections within the private environment. This is good because such infections make up the majority of new cases.


Consistently wear masks

They look awful and yes, they hinder breathing. However, they are one of the best ways to prevent infection. FFP2 and KN95 certified masks contribute immensely to the containment of aerosols. Viruses only spread in water droplets. Where there is no moisture, there is no virus.

With the help of masks, these droplets in the air are filtered out by the fibres and then dry up in the tissues. Wear masks wherever possible. Even if they are not required by law. In any case, it is only to your advantage.


Avoid contact

As painful as it may be, keep your contacts to a minimum. Meet as few friends and acquaintances as possible. If everyone in our country did that, this virus would not be able to spread. And if it did, then only so slowly that the vaccinations would progress much faster than the number of infections.

These things are incredibly hard, of course. But it’s not the government you’re doing a favour for. It is a disease and it knows neither mercy nor friend nor foe. You are not rewarded for your diligence by anyone with a pay rise. We all do it for ourselves and for all those we might infect.