In American films you always see scenes where a pregnant woman gets a visit from her friends shortly before the birth. They sit there, drink tea or coffee, eat cake and laugh together. At some point, the time comes when huge, colourful packages are handed over. In the Anglo-Saxon world,Continue Reading

Fighting anxiety with plants, does that sound realistic? In principle, it is indeed possible. After all, everything in the body is chemical. And of course there are also plant substances that have an effect on the hormone balance and cause corresponding reactions. Plants with this kind of effect are nowContinue Reading

Supposedly, the future belongs to digital platforms in the field of marketing. Money is shifting from the classic media to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and co. There may certainly be some truth in this, because the figures actually prove that a lot is changing. Nevertheless, one must not forget that peopleContinue Reading

In the past, a woman was considered a bad mother if she wanted to send her children to daycare instead of looking after them herself. Today, that has changed significantly. Many more mothers are quickly back at work. That this is even an advantage for the development of young childrenContinue Reading

In times of Corona, new challenges have arisen for practices. There are requirements from the government against which measures had to be taken to prevent infections. In addition, there are ways in which the risk can be reduced voluntarily. But what are these and what contribution do they make toContinue Reading

It sounds old-fashioned by now, but many businesses work exclusively locally and have no interest whatsoever in operating supra-regionally in any form. Nevertheless, they also have to invest in SEO. Because within a region, they too are sometimes exposed to enormous competition. For them, so-called Local SEO is decisive. ItContinue Reading

In German labour law, the subject of holidays is very strictly regulated. There are precise rules about who is allowed to take leave, when and how much. During this time, employees continue to receive their wages. However, it also states that the leave is to be used for recreation. ThisContinue Reading