Animal Communication - this job will make you happy

Animal communication – a worthwhile further training?

I think I speak from the heart of workers when I say that for most employees, the job is not fulfilling. Yes, there are jobs that are enjoyable in some form. But doing the same thing over and over again for years can be frustrating at some point. Moreover, I have noticed something interesting in my professional life. Those who claim to be happy are not so happy at all. Instead, they simply set the bar low. If someone manages to get by reasonably well in their job without being too annoyed, it is perceived in this context as if they have hit the jackpot. On holiday, the hotel has to be perfect in order to enjoy it. But when it comes to a job, we think it’s already great luck to somehow get by. That’s why today I’m introducing a job where that’s different. A job where many positive emotions are involved and where you can do a lot of good for other people. It is the job as an animal communicator.

What is animal communication?

Let’s put it this way, when it comes to animal communication there is a wide range of views on what exactly this job is and what it entails. For some, it is a skill that involves communicating with animals via telepathy. Representatives of this faction are of the opinion that it is possible in a kind of psychic way to even talk to dead animals or to contact lost animals. Here in the video is an illustrative example:

Then there are those who are rather sceptical about such procedures and have only turned to science. For them, animal communication is more a mixture of sound knowledge from the field of animal psychology and behavioural research, etc. They communicate directly with the animals and do not divine their wishes. Instead, they simply know a certain type of animal well and can interpret their body language or know what gives them pleasure. An example of this could be the film “The Horse Whisperer”.

Of course, it is also possible to combine a mixture of both currents in a meaningful way.

Why is the job as an animal communicator so special?

As already mentioned, the subject of enjoyment is invaluable for people today. Everyone longs for it. If you love animals, and most people do, it is a revelation to be able to work in this profession. Why? Quite simply because your job is to help people who want a better relationship with their beloved pet. You also help heal or relieve traumatised animals. That is a particularly nice feeling. If you do this kind of work, you certainly don’t get burnout or just do it by the book. It’s just too nice when the cute four-legged friends look at you so happily.

How does one become an animal communicator?

The job description is not exactly defined in the field of animal communication. Anyone can call themselves an animal communicator. Anyone can do this job just like that. And anyone can even set up training for this job – without having to prove that they are qualified.

Nevertheless, there are ways to get involved with it in a professional way. There are a number of recognised greats in this field in Germany, some of whom have distinguished themselves through their books. These include Barbara Fegerl, Ulrike Dietmann, Dr Angela Fetzner, Anneka Tacke and many more. From America, it is above all Penelope Smith who is considered a luminary. Those who have done their training with these people at least have something like quality in their previous education. However, these providers tend to be the representatives of telepathic methods.

Alternatively, it is possible to complete a course in animal psychology. This is not a recognised course of study in Germany that awards a Beachelor or Master’s degree. Nevertheless, there are distance learning courses at state-certified institutes. This ensures that the training is of a high standard. In this video, for example, a participant reports on her experiences in this certified training course:

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