The classic light bulb has now been successfully ousted from households. Good for the environment, they consumed huge amounts of electricity because they produced a lot of heat. They were replaced by economical LED lights. This was particularly important in the bathroom, because bathrooms often have no windows and thereforeContinue Reading

As a trained memory trainer, I know very well that training involves many different exercises that address the different abilities of the brain. Exercise sheets or other utensils are used for this. The only problem is that they are not always very entertaining. Therefore, I can recommend an even betterContinue Reading

If a financial expert takes a look at the profit and loss account of service companies or agencies, the picture is always the same. The cost type “rent” is one of the largest, along with personnel costs. Why? Because premises are indispensable for the creation of virtual products. The moreContinue Reading

Allotment gardens have always been ridiculed by the real estate market. They were considered a haven of stuffiness and something for old people. But things are changing. Mainly because in the Corona pandemic they have become for many the last retreat where one could move freely. The demand is enormous,Continue Reading