In the small town of Schaffhausen in Switzerland, a somewhat unusual constellation of events is currently taking place in the field of education. Sergei Belusov, a Russian billionaire, has founded a university with his own capital. What should one think of this?

Sales work is a tough job. You have to approach people and convince them to buy a product. There are many rejections, sometimes friendly, sometimes less friendly. Nevertheless, the motto is “smile nicely”, because the customer is always right. The other way to sell goods is advertising in the classicalContinue Reading

Save, save, save – the top priority in every market economy institution. But many buyers and managers only think about reducing prices on the cost side. This means that they try to exert pressure on the service providers to give them better conditions. They often think that the cheapest isContinue Reading

As a speed reading trainer, I know exactly why reading is so incredibly important for making progress in life. There is no other way to transfer so much compressed information into your memory that you can benefit from as a human being. It’s all the nicer when you have anContinue Reading