Animals are an immense enrichment to life. During the Corona crisis, it became clear, especially for families, how valuable it is to have a small animal that provides comfort, love and joy in a dreary everyday life. But it was not only the case during the pandemic. Statistics show thatContinue Reading

There used to be a lot of shenanigans on YouTube and money was made from it. Many vicious, sometimes brutal videos were created, but the “blind” algorithm quickly picked them up if they trended well and went viral. It’s bad when advertisers then run spots with them, along the linesContinue Reading

Silvio Berlusconi was once an Italian television mogul of the first hour. At a time when it was not yet permitted in Italy to maintain nationwide broadcasting stations for private individuals. With a ruse, however, he created a national corporation. His success can be perfectly applied to SEO. We explainContinue Reading