What do you need a ghostwriter for?

My goodness, the speeches some politicians make. It warms the cockles of your heart. How do they manage to get to the point and carry you away like that? Also astonishing: many an underexposed celebrity writes a biography in perfect German. One would hardly have expected that. How can that be? Quite simple: a ghostwriter makes it possible. We show you what this job is all about and why many ghostwriters are active in the field of SEO.

Ghostwriter – what is that?

Basically, ghostwriting is when someone writes a text on behalf of someone else. Perfectly normal procedure and absolutely legal – at least in most areas. Not everyone is a professional at writing, so the job is outsourced to others. Often, the client gives the writer specifications about what a speech or book should be about. The ghostwriter then formulates these facts. So it’s about putting someone else’s content into beautiful words so that it has a certain effect on readers or listeners. Usually it’s about entertainment or convincing someone of an idea.


What are ghostwriters used for?

In public relations for politics and business, ghostwriters are used to write speeches and press releases. Managers and high state officials usually do not have the time to take care of this. They only give their writers the arguments they want to use. Anecdotes and emotional examples are often included.

Many professors, scientists or experts in their field use agencies like Academic Ghostwriters to write out scientific papers. They have carried out series of measurements, made analyses and gained insights. These are then put into form so that readers can understand them.

At us SEO people, we use such writers for content marketing and our clients’ websites. Our writers create the content on their websites. Sometimes even the owners put their signature under it. To the reader, it sounds like it was written by the internal staff. Whereby it must be said that our authors naturally cooperate closely with the company’s staff. Everything is checked professionally and in terms of content. So it’s really all about making texts sound nicer and more polished.


Negative aspects of ghostwriting

Unfortunately, some things go wrong in such matters. Some professors have complete books written by their students and don’t even pay them for it. They then claim to be the sole authors of the work. Many call this exploitation.

Moreover, it seems that numerous high-ranking politicians have used authors to obtain doctorates. In Germany, there was a great wave of resignations because of this. Of course, such things are better left alone.