Camping gas grill – the solution for the perfect BBQ

The barbecue and camping season has begun. Those who like to go camping often also enjoy barbecuing. Safe and uncomplicated barbecuing is best done with a camping gas barbecue. But what can a camping gas grill really do and what should you look for when choosing one?

What are the advantages of a camping gas barbecue?

One thing is clear: a camping gas barbecue is space-saving. The barbecues are made for transport and score points with easy handling. There is no need for time-consuming assembly. Depending on the model, camping gas barbecues are already designed as “suitcases”. If you are looking for a handy barbecue, a camping gas barbecue is definitely the right choice. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do without culinary delights with a camping gas barbecue. Depending on the model, there are grills with and without a hot plate. This means that home cooking can also be prepared in the great outdoors. There are even models with lids that allow baking. Depending on the model, a pizza stone can be integrated. So there is nothing to stop you from making a pizza outdoors. Not much can go wrong with grilling and baking either, because the grill temperature can be easily regulated and controlled with a thermometer. Another advantage of camping gas barbecues is that no smoke develops. This means that camping neighbours are not affected. So nothing stands in the way of celebrating together.


What is important when buying a camping gas barbecue?

The power of a camping gas grill is measured in watts. The greater the heat, the greater the wattage should be. In principle, it should be at least 4000 watts. However, the number of people should be taken into account. Are you cooking for a large group or do you regularly travel as a couple? For groups of three to four people, a wattage of 4000 is recommended. For two people, on the other hand, grills with a wattage of 2000 are already sufficient. The gas connection is also important. Camping gas barbecues can be operated with a cartridge or with a connection for a gas bottle. When transporting a barbecue, a gas bottle is then added on top.


Pay attention to the regulations of campsites

Most campsites require that a barbecue be operated at least 30 cm above the ground. Therefore, a frame for the barbecue may also be required. A minimum distance from trees and bushes of usually two metres should be maintained. Due to fire and suffocation hazards, camping gas barbecues must not be operated indoors. The gas barbecue must therefore be used outdoors. Check with the camping administration beforehand and get advice on your requirements. With this, your next camping holiday can come.