Fully automatic coffee maker: current test report

Especially in the home office, an aromatic coffee is important for most people and sometimes the only time out in everyday life. In order to find the best fully automatic coffee machine, you should consider a few characteristics. The coffee should taste aromatic and wholesome. The price-performance ratio should be excellent and the design is usually also a deciding factor. Buy an automatic coffee maker online: Find out what is really important!


What are the differences between automatic coffee makers?

A fully automatic coffee machine differs from a filter coffee mainly in its aroma. A fully automatic coffee maker uses pressure for brewing, usually between 7.5 and 9 bar. This allows the aroma of the coffee to develop optimally. A filter machine, on the other hand, releases bitter substances and tannins from the coffee due to the longer brewing time. Everyone is familiar with this, when the coffee stands longer and tastes bitter. The brewing method of a fully automatic coffee machine is called the espresso method: the water is heated until it evaporates. The hot steam is then forced through the coffee powder under pressure. However, there are also fully automatic coffee machines that can do both brewing methods – brewed coffee and pressurised.

Fully automatic coffee maker – which milk froth is best?

If you prefer your coffee black, you can safely do without a fully automatic coffee maker with milk system. However, if you love coffee specialities with milk, such as cappuccino, latte macchiato and many others, you should choose an automatic coffee maker with a milk container. These can be integrated into the coffee machine or operated externally. Proper cleaning is important here. If the milk container is integrated, it should be removable. Otherwise cleaning becomes unnecessarily complicated. Some products offer cleaning programmes.


Stylish design – does it make the difference?

Stainless steel, plastic or wood look – a fully automatic coffee maker quickly becomes an eye-catcher. Silver colours or a black look fit perfectly into any household. Limited editions make every design lover’s heart beat faster. Displays and sensor-touch control panels that can even compete with smartphones demonstrate the high level of operating convenience.


What equipment does a fully automatic coffee maker require?

Fully automatic coffee machines are mainly available with two different grinders: a cone grinder or a disc grinder. With disc grinders, the coffee beans are ground by two grinding discs. With the cone grinder, the cone components are pressed against each other during grinding and the coffee beans are ground. The degree of grinding can be adjusted individually on most machines. The finer the coffee powder, the stronger the coffee. A coarser grind, on the other hand, increases the acidity. Both grinding systems are quiet, although many find disc grinders a little quieter. Another decisive factor is the brew group. The entire brewing process takes place in the brew group. Removable brew groups can simply be rinsed with warm water. Cleaning tablets are used for non-removable brew groups.

Ultimately, there is a suitable fully automatic coffee machine for every design requirement and for every fragrant lover.