Earning money on the web – in times of Corona

The famous stock market speculator Andre Kostolanyi used to say: “Whoever has money can speculate. Those who don’t have money MUST speculate.” What was he trying to tell us? Probably that people with little money and little income have no choice but to take high risks. They have nothing to lose, but they could gain a lot. There is something to this philosophy. Especially now, in times of Corona. Many businesses have had to close. Students, small entrepreneurs and the self-employed are on the verge of financial collapse. How do you get money quickly in such a phase? We show some examples.

Speculating on the stock market

Not only in Switzerland, but all over the world, many people sit at home and are condemned by law to inactivity. For this reason, many citizens have set up securities accounts with discount traders and try to make money on the stock exchange.

Of course, speculation is not a safe way to earn a stable income. However, it is also the case that there are numerous leverage products with which drastic profits can be made. Their advantage is that losses can be limited to exactly 100% of the capital invested. The profits, on the other hand, are open to the upside. So it’s no wonder that so much money is flowing into bitcoin right now. It is highly volatile and is ideal for making quick money.

Conclusion: Trades on the stock exchange are easy to carry out via computer or app. Ideally suited to look for an additional source of income in times of lockdowns or partial lockdowns.


There are always competitions on the web run by various companies and organisations. There are not necessarily millions of euros or francs to be won, but nevertheless there are some interesting prizes. The crux of the matter is that you usually have to give away your personal data. However, with a fake e-mail address that you use only for this purpose, it is easy to get away with it.

Of course, it would take a lot of work to constantly look for such raffles. Therefore, providers have specialised in taking over this work on the web. Here is an example of such an overview: Swiss raffles on dein-gewinnspiel.ch – here you will find a whole range of competitions in which you can participate. There are also plenty of sites like this for Germany and Austria.

In this case, you can say that it’s the masses that do it. Hardly anyone takes the trouble to register for so many competitions. But if you stay on the ball and participate diligently, chances are good that the stochastic will turn in your favour.

Conclusion: You will certainly not get rich this way. However, you stand a good chance of winning material prizes from time to time, which can then be quickly converted into cash on eBay or other providers.

Writing texts

As SEO experts, we have a broader insight in this regard. At the moment, many companies are forced to leave traditional sales channels and move their business to the internet. At the moment, orders from the field of content marketing are booming. After all, companies have to get past Google first in order to earn money on the web. Therefore, shops and websites are currently being massively enriched with content. In such a phase, there are many agencies looking for people to create texts. For the client sites or for the blog networks from which the link building takes place.

Conclusion: Writing texts and creating content is an absolutely uncomplicated activity from a purely physical point of view. It can be done ideally from home. Just consider that the German-speaking world comprises 100 million people. So there are plenty of jobs and offers at the moment.