Online identification made easy

The wildest stories used to circulate on the internet about people being ripped off by crooks. Fortunately, this is no longer so easy today. Procedures have been introduced where better and better security clearances have been established. With smart devices, it is now common for fingerprints to be checked, facial recognition to be applied or multi-level passwords to be used. But in some industries this is not enough. There, it would be necessary to carry out an identification with the ID card. There are now efficient solutions for this as well.

Why do you need identification by ID card?

There is a well-known P2P credit exchange called MINTOS. I was an investor there. For this, I had to transfer money from Germany to Latvia. Since it is an EU country, this is a completely normal procedure. However, such transactions require ID verification. This means that the people from MINTOS had to look at the scan of my ID card, manually check the data and make a copy. Legal regulations against money laundering make such a procedure necessary. The situation is similar with travel agencies and airlines, etc. They, too, have to pass on the data from identity cards or passports to the authorities. For companies working in such sensitive industries, the question naturally arises: how can this process be made fast and efficient?


ID card identification via API

Time is money in business. Therefore, companies are very keen to make their processes as fast as possible. This also applies to the registration of data from ID cards. Authorities have special readers for this. In passports, for example, a lot of data is stored by chip. When entering a country, the officials place the papers on a scanner, which reads out and stores the data. However, not everyone has this luxury at their disposal.

For companies, the only option is often the photo. The big problem with photographing documents, however, is that they only take a picture. All the data stored on it is initially not readable by machines. If you have to enter them into a database, you would have to copy the information from the photo by hand.

Fortunately, there are now better solutions. See here in the video:

Resourceful developers have developed software solutions with which data from ID cards can be transferred directly into a database via an API interface. This eliminates the time-consuming process of data maintenance. It is also possible to make a reliable comparison between the photo of a registered customer and the picture in the document.

With these solutions, companies today can massively increase security. They use them to verify the true identity of their users on the fly and massively speed up processes. At the same time, they protect themselves and others from fraudsters.