SEO or SEA – Which way is better?

SEO and SEA have one thing in common. You can burn an enormous amount of money without achieving any effect. On the other hand, both ways offer excellent opportunities to run a business online and do well on the web. All you need to do is fit the most important factors. What these are, we will show you.

What are the advantages of SEA?

Formerly known as Google AdWords, today Google Ads is the platform where you can secure the best positions in the search engine for certain keywords. Google Ads, for example, appear in the hit list even before the organic search and are marked as an “ad”. It’s not cheap, but it can be worthwhile. Best explained with a case study.

One of our customers brokers products in whose sales he has a percentage share. Such a product costs about 50,000 euros. So it is industrial goods, in a niche where the SEO / SEA market is not yet so crowded. He has immediately bought himself good places with the help of paid search ads, basically right after his website went online. For him it is worth it. Through his traffic, he gets top sales and more than makes up for the monthly costs.

So whether SEA is worth it or not, it always depends on the market you are in. SEA is a fantastic way to secure fast access to the best places. Theoretically feasible overnight. This, in turn, guarantees rapid sales, provided your product is good and the website encourages shopping. In such a case, the whole content marketing circus that so many companies laboriously engage in can be spared.

Our tip: Hire a Google Ads agency if you are not getting good results yourself. Such experts have the necessary experience to research the optimal keywords. The problem is that beginners like to go for only one general keyword and destroy a lot of money there. Sometimes it is better to use many long-tails. They also bring a lot of traffic, but cost much less. Moreover, sometimes their coverage rate is better. Here in the video it is explained which possibilities Google Ads offers:

What are the benefits of SEO?

Why does every company post blogs and posts without end today? Because they do content marketing, with which they want to save expenses on SEA. They create content for the target audience and hope that the search engines will deliver visitors to them through this channel. If the content is good, then this usually works. Because in this case Google places the content quite far in front, so the traffic is there.

On a positive note, such rankings often remain relatively stable. In many cases, it is: once created, long cashed. Every now and then one slips a little, then a short readjustment is made.

The problem is that the competition never sleeps, and of course they do everything they can to get back in front with their content. From this point of view, SEO has become a kind of fixed cost. In any case, you can’t rest on your laurels. However, successes last a bit longer than with SEA. Or at least the subsequent measures no longer have to be paid for so expensively. That means at the beginning it is a big investment, later it is rather smaller sums. With SEA, on the other hand, there is an immediate crash in traffic when the campaign expires.


Conclusion on SEO and SEA?

You can’t name a winner in this case. Simply for the reason that both ways have their own advantages. Our tip is to include all procedures in the budget. Then you have the certainty that visitors will come to you on several tracks.