Writing a Master’s thesis – tips for maximum success

Every Master’s programme ends with a thesis. It has to be written and should formally comply with the rules of scientific working methods. For many students, it is just an annoying hurdle on the way to their title, which they then use to look for a job. But for clever people, it can be an opportunity to make a name for themselves and even earn money with it.

Turning a Master’s thesis into money – how does that work?

When I was a student myself, there were still master’s theses. But it doesn’t matter, it’s very similar in scope. In any case, I was rather passive in this respect and had a professor from the department give me a topic. It seemed to me that this work was only there to prove that I was capable of analysing a subject scientifically. It was a chore. Later, I met a fellow student who did it much more cleverly. He actively went to a professor with an individual idea. He wanted to write a paper comparing management methods from the US and China. More precisely, Sun Tzu vs. Michael E. Porter. Simply brilliant: topic chosen by oneself, one is fully motivated. What’s more, the content can later be used as a book. But the first step is about writing:

  • It is important that the paper gets a good grade. Therefore, everything must fit in terms of content. Do not allow yourself any gaps or weak points in the content.
  • In addition, pay attention to the appearance. For example, it is a good idea to have your Master’s thesis bound in an online copy shop. There you have countless templates and designs to choose from to create a high-quality look.
  • Have the Master’s thesis read by a proofreader. Not a single spelling mistake should remain, no comma should be wrong. Moreover, it should not have any technical errors.

If all these things are fulfilled, then you basically already have a perfect book in your hand, which could be marketed later. Nowadays it is very easy to publish books. The easiest way is with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. In one fell swoop, it ends up as an eBook in the world’s largest online bookstore. There it doesn’t even have to be sold, but you also get paid for book pages read by those who have a flat rate. In addition, there is still the option of doing a translation in English. The language level of students in English today is usually within a sufficient range for this.

So at this point, it depends exactly on what topic you have chosen? If you act cleverly here, you can be happy. Because in the so-called managerial literature, topics like those of my fellow student are in demand. On the other hand, there are publications in every subject area that can be interesting. In any case, choose one that is suitable to function as a book after completion. Even if it only has a few sales later. Those who stand out in the applications with a published work will certainly make more of an impression than those with their 08-15 works.