It is often said that you should wear the clothes that suit you. But especially at work it is important to dress well. This is where the desire for individuality meets the need for subordination. What is the best way to achieve the balancing act between a good public imageContinue Reading

What effects do flowers and plants have on humans? The effects of flowers and plants on humans are constantly being investigated. Sometimes people talk about miracle effects. I myself have little to do with plants and flowers at home, but I enjoy spending time in nature. I like running andContinue Reading

Since I myself am the father of two sons, I wanted to tell the story of Father’s Day. Since the traditions in our society are more and more forgotten or not familiar to some people, for example because they have moved from another cultural area, I have created an overviewContinue Reading

What is a rental deposit insurance? Rent deposit insurance is a possible form of financing a rent deposit in the real estate industry. If you rent an apartment, you usually have to give a certain amount (usually several times the monthly rent) to the future landlord as security. This isContinue Reading