Find the right Forex broker

At work, I’ve met people who work quietly in front of me, don’t act like a boss and you might think they don’t have any ambitions for their life. When I got to know them a little better, I learned that they earn a lot of money and are even top financial experts. Only they use their knowledge for themselves and not for their company. I think that’s very cool 😉
Why career does not always make sense
I myself have always rejected any form of career and I have seen in others that they don’t really care about it. Even financially it is not always very lucrative. Because: If you want to make a career, you have to put a lot of time into it and get no guarantee that there will be a return. For years you have to crawl up the asses of your superiors and prove through unpaid overtime that you are loyal to the company. At some point you’ll be rewarded – maybe. In the meantime the children may come and one of the partners has to step down permanently so that the other one has capacities for the career. As a result, couples often lose a source of income. So you really have to climb the ladder very high to make it worth the effort.

Why the stock markets are a good alternative
That’s why I’ve always handled it differently. I have looked for an easy part-time job with which I have earned well. And, constantly speculating with stocks on the stock exchange. This has opened up a stable and passive source of money for me in addition to my work, and I have been financially better off than the people who have been bending their backs for years.

I always thought I was so clever about it, but apparently I’m just a little fish. Over the years I’ve gotten to know some colleagues who gamble on a big scale on Forex, with CFDs or invest in crypto currencies. With these derivatives and financial products, you can significantly increase the leverage effect and multiply profits. If you want to try this yourself, I recommend to make a Forex Broker Test. Each offerer has certain advantages and special conditions, which fit to the own style. Style means essentially the trading strategy.

One broker may have a flat rate for purchases and sales and only a basic fee. The other takes a certain amount per trade. Everyone should calculate what is better for their own investment strategy. In addition, it can also be that some offer more trading places, others less, etc. So comparison has a top priority for prospective investors.

My motto has always been to buy stocks and bonds. There one can sit out losses also times over years. However, I have never made more than 20-30% yield on my capital in one year. Very often only much less. With my funds, however, the risk of total losses is low, which has always been very important to me personally.

My gambler colleagues, on the other hand, have partly made gigantic sums of money and could soon invest it in real estate to generate passive income. They will certainly retire earlier than me. So everyone has to stake out his preferences and then choose the right provider.

But the important thing is: it’s worth it. Because I simply can’t imagine working until 67 or even longer. It´s even hard to get that old, not than to work at this age.