Find a job without a necessary qualification

There are job boards where you can find anything. Hundreds or thousands of job ads. The problem is, 90% of them are mostly completely uninteresting, because they belong to a completely different occupational group. In addition, sometimes even the employers wrongly put a hook in the circuit, and then the job slips during the search. Better already are the industry-specific sides, where one can find job advertisements particularly for engineers, physicians, lawyers, technicians, KFZ mechanics or whatever. But what if you have no training? This is usually a criterion that cannot always be filtered during the search. Then the search becomes an ordeal. Unless you go to CaptainJobs.
Jobs that don’t require any training are mostly assistant jobs where you have to carry out simple tasks. Companies regularly look for personnel for such jobs, because these tasks are unavoidable and someone has to do them so that the company can efficiently maintain production. For this reason, the offer of jobs without training is a relatively large market in its own right. This means that there is always a good chance of finding a job. The fact that people are looking for such a job can often occur in life. There is a brisk demand.

For example, there are women who became mothers at a time when childcare was not as good as it is today. Often they have been at home for many years and find it difficult to find their way back into working life. For a quick start, auxiliary activities are optimal.

Another group can be students who want to earn a little extra money during their holidays or while studying.

It often happens that employees lose their job at an age when it is no longer so easy to find a job. For example, if you become unemployed at the age of 50, it is hard to find work again.

There are plenty of good reasons in life that can lead to you wanting or having to apply for a job. In this case it is good to have a suitable job exchange that delivers exactly that, like CaptianJobs.

What kind of jobs are there without training?

Typical jobs in this area are job advertisements like these:

  • warehouse helper
  • order picker
  • helper Visual inspection
  • truck coordinator
  • assembly workers
  • production assistants
  • sorter
  • helpers in the sighting control
  • cleaning power
  • shelf filler

The bandwidth is quite large and sometimes requires more physical strength, sometimes less. You don’t have to worry about paying for the job. Since the minimum wage of EUR 11.90 (as of 2019) one can always assume that one will not be taken for a ride.

That’s why both women and men always have a chance to find a suitable job – even if they have already reached an age at which they thought they had no chance.