Send flowers to Switzerland can boost you business

Sending flowers across borders is a very easy task these days. Some very good online portals offer this service and transport beautiful bouquets to almost every corner of Switzerland. Why this service is so important and how you can use it optimally – I explain this to you here.

Networking and relationship management
Business relationships should be purely rational, emotions should not play a role. All that counts is price and quality. Everything else should be unimportant in theory. But in the real world people have feelings. That’s why sales people who work for one and the same company and sell exactly the same products have different degrees of success in their work. Because one person understands better and the other less well to communicate with customers. Thus it is clear: the product is not always the most important thing. Also in the industry a lot happens in the area of emotions.

I made this experience in a large company when it came to hiring temporary workers. One company had a really funny representative and we were always looking forward to it when she came to visit us. She gained all our orders, nobody else had a chance to get his foot in our department. The price was unimportant to us in the end. Whether a few temporary workers now cost two or three hundred EURO more, we didn’t care. It is the money of the company and nobody looks so exactly anyway – that was the opinion. And that is exactly the point. If it is not the own money, then one does not look evenly so exactly. This idea can be found in many people’s minds. This is where you use the emotional lever.

What I mean by this is that it always depends on the relationship you have with your customers. That’s why it was so important to us, to occasionally send beautiful fresh flowers anywhere in Switzerland. I experienced this case, because the company of an important customer was there. And the Swiss market is very attractive for the most EU companies. This is mainly due to the fact that the Swiss franc is very strong and the Swiss pay a lot, lot more money for almost all products. This means that our products could be sold there with an almost 50% higher margin.


This has always been reason enough for us to send flowers to the key account manager for every birthday and always have a little surprise for Christmas: wine, a card, chocolates, etc.

You can say what you want, but such little gifts have their effect. In any case, it worked for us and our orders were stable over the years. This shows that flowers trigger emotions and people are very happy about them. Of course, the customer didn’t betray the interests of her employer for a few flowers, that’s nonsense. It was more about things like trust and respect. With the help of relationship management you build trust. People I trust I also prefer to buy products from. You can tell that by yourself. Imagine that there are two shops next to each other. One shop is 5% more expensive than the other. However, in a cheaper shop you are guffed and ignored by the sellers. While the other one receives you friendly and treats you respectfully. From a certain income the friendly service would be more important to most people than the small price difference.

That’s why I always say: good relationship management brings a huge number of existing customers. Keeping them is much easier than constantly acquiring new ones.