Business strategy: Send flowers internationally

We live in times when 99.9% of our friends and relatives are no longer only Germans, and not all of them live within the country. This was not the case in the past, but the EU and globalisation have turned the world around. The friendships are networked meanwhile world-wide and likewise increases the portion of those, who have one ore more family members with migration background. Thus, it sometimes happens that you want to send a few flowers to someone outside your own country. Is that so easy today? Yes, it works. It’s much less complicated than you might think, because innovative companies offer this service and event more – from a single source. In this article I therefore analyse the opportunities and risks of the international flower trade.Send flowers internationally
In my family, for example, there are three different EU nations consisting of Hungary, Germany and Austria. Among my colleagues are French people who are married to Italians, Russians, Czechs, Poles – it is almost a rarity to find native ones. Europe is growing together and the nations are mixing. What politics sometimes doesn’t manage, love does it all by itself 😉

In any case, more and more citizens have their relatives and friends from an international environment. And of course these ties also want to be well cared for. This includes occasional gifts or flowers that have to reach their destination by mail or another supplier.

For this reason, the innovative players among the dealers have recognized the signs of the times. Meanwhile, many florists are relying on covering international deliveries in their portfolio. To send flowers to Austria, within Austria, Germany or in general across national borders becomes child’s play. One simply selects the bouquets online and then one can enter the address with the target country and in most cases the dispatch will be absolutely no problem.

To a bouquet belongs often also a beautiful, personal message. This is usually not a problem. You can also book a flower card for Austria. This will then be enclosed with the delivery. Thus an individual gift can be created from the bouquet, which will release guaranteed each quantity positive emotions with the receiver.

The good thing about flowers is that they are suitable as a present for every social class and you can never do anything wrong with them as a gift.

The future of the flower trade
The growth opportunities for the industry are excellent. Flowers simply do not go out of fashion, they are still given away today on many occasions. And the industry regularly ensures that all events are really celebrated: Mother’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Day – flowers are still a must. Woe betide those who come home without a bouquet. So there can be no question of flowers being considered unfashionable or old-fashioned, or losing popularity in any other way. The statistics prove the opposite. The sales figures have been stable for years, with slight upward tendencies.

In addition, the trend towards internationalisation is one that is guaranteed to continue. This is due in part to the fact that we in the EU maintain such a lively exchange with other countries. Just think of the influx of many Greek, Spanish and eastern European doctors at times of the financial crisis, nursing staff and craftsmen from Eastern Europe. Moreover, there are so many international groups and companies that delegate their employees back and forth. In addition, there are countless students who take part in exchange programs. It’s not for nothing that Facebook has grown so quickly into a worldwide network. A purely German-language platform like StudiVZ was doomed to failure simply because of this. Today, the networks cover the entire globe. In a few years, Europe will be a continent united by weddings and friendships all by itself. That much is almost certain.

Accordingly, it is an absolute winning strategy to follow this trend and promote the international trade in flowers. There will be more and more people who will need exactly that. If you want to send your aunt in Spain a few roses for her birthday and your cousin in Sweden a bouquet for her engagement, you need a service that already today thinks as the reality of people’s lives requires. Online selection, ordering, payment, delivery – that’s how it has to work. Uncomplicated and everything from a single source.

With the help of the online ordering process, the transaction costs for companies are very low. Some merchants have even decided not to maintain their own shops, but now only have their own dispatch warehouses from which they serve their international clientele. So you can be active on a gigantic market with low fixed costs and without big investment risks. If you then regularly optimize and streamline your structures as a retailer, you can certainly realize savings potentials again and again over the years. In addition, the international markets are also converging more and more in terms of the supply chain. This means that quality at lower prices in the long term could also be possible. The bottom line is that the international flower trade probably has a golden future ahead of it.