Doing good business with sports betting

I once had a fellow student who earned a golden nose by betting on football matches while studying. One day he came to the lecture and was devastated. He told me that on the weekend in injury time somewhere, in some country a goal had fallen which had completely destroyed his combination bet. Otherwise he would have won such a large amount that he would have retired or stopped studying. Is that possible? Is it really possible to earn money systematically with sports betting?

The answer is: Yes – with a certain return. You can actually earn money systematically with sports betting. In January 2019, an article was published online in the Welt Online on this subject. The statistician and author Dr. Michael Monka from the University of Bochum passes on his knowledge there.

What you need as a betting expert is a little brain lard and a basic idea of probability theory. Also very helpful are websites that provide betting tips for football, basketball or tennis. For example: With this combination you will get really far in the business.

My college buddy did it the same way back then. He was a former youth national player who had to stop due to an injury. So he brought the necessary knowledge about football with him. On the Internet, he used several sites to find out which defender had just injured himself at Real Madrid or Manchester United…. Or whether a dangerous striker is currently out, etc. Such events influence the probability of how many goals will be scored.

In addition, there are other statistics that Dr. Monka recommends. He doesn’t always advise you to just guess the final results, but the number of goals, for example. If the team with the strongest attack is playing against the team with the weakest defence, then there is a good chance that more than 1 goal will be scored. Regardless of where the teams are in the table at the moment. And if then important top performers are missing in the defense, then you better run quickly to the betting office.

The same goes for the tennis world. Every player has a certain way of playing: offensive, defensive. One player tries to go all out right from the start, the other, on the other hand, wants to involve his opponent in the longest possible rallies in order to play him tired. Then again there are special features, such as the underground. Some tennis aces are unbeatable on grass, while on sand they regularly achieve a little less better results and sometimes even lose.

It is precisely these characteristics that determine success in the betting business. According to Dr. Monka it does not always make sense to bet on victory or defeat. Especially in football, where there is an additional draw as a risk, such tips are not always the ones that bring the most money. Much more lucrative are bets on points, number of sets or minimum number of goals, etc. These values can be estimated much better by looking into the world of numbers.

This means that someone who wants to earn money systematically with sports betting should not only have an idea of the sport itself, but should also have a little understanding of numbers in order to be able to put together the puzzle. In order to use this knowledge, you need a lot of betting tip pages that provide the corresponding information. There are numerous offers for this on the web.

I always have to smile when I see these betting offices in the city and watch what people are doing there. Let’s say it carefully, it’s not exactly the elite of the country. Such gamblers will probably never really cash in on life. They might get lucky at an event and win something. But in most cases this is just a coincidence and in a few months the money has gone on for more bets. What can you say, they are men. They all think they are born sports experts. But it doesn’t work that easy. The clever people who play systematically. Their winnings are no coincidence, but reproducible in the long run. They also lose money in between, but in the long run there is one profit left.

Monka achieves with it for example a net yield of 5% on its capital. He says this is possible, because the information situation is substantially better in sports than at the stock exchange. While companies lie and distort or conceal facts, we know everything about the players. Their state of health, their performance – all this is meticulously registered and documented in the press and in databases.

And the best thing is: sports betting works even in times of economic crisis, while the stock markets can collapse.