Paint protection through foiling? Why tuning is for everyone

With little effort, you can spice up your own car and give it a whole new shine. You don’t have to be a tuning professional to do it. After all, only small changes are needed to achieve a big effect. The advantages are obvious: film wrapping can protect the paintwork and give a grey duckling a whole new look. Here we show you the advantages of tuning.

Protecting the paintwork with tuning

Most people think of tuning as loud and lowered cars. But that is only a small part of it. Because tuning is something for everyone. With foiling, also called car wrapping, you can give your car a new look. It’s a cheap and easy way to give your car a new look and protect the paintwork at the same time. A new car colour? No problem. Not everyone can afford a new car right away. A film with a 3-D effect, a matt finish or a customised film can make a statement. What is film wrapping? A self-adhesive film is pulled over the car and applied with special tools. In principle, a film can be applied to all smooth surfaces. However, it is better to have this done by a professional. It is not necessary to have the entire car wrapped. The options here range from full filming, with which you can achieve the greatest visual effect, to partial filming and sticker filming. A special paint protection film is usually thicker and is also called a stone protection film. It therefore primarily offers protection against stone chips and scratches. If you no longer want to use it, you can easily remove the film. The same principle is used for ambulances and police cars.

What is chip tuning?

Chip tuning is the modification of the control unit by means of new chips or software. This can influence the engine control and increase engine performance. The reason is clear: the control unit controls different parameters such as temperature. Car manufacturers originally specified certain parameters to enable efficient use. But efficiency is not the criterion for everyone. Some people simply enjoy an occasionally faster drive. There is nothing wrong with that in itself. You should only bear in mind that excessive chip tuning can damage the engine.

Ask a professional before tuning

However, you should first familiarise yourself with the legal regulations. Not everything is permitted or even has to be approved by a professional. It is therefore best to inform yourself beforehand and get advice from a professional. We wish you lots of fun with your embellishment.