Online marketing strategies for CBD products

As an SEO agency, we always know best which products are currently the subject of hype. There have been phases in recent years when content for Bitcoin was ordered en masse. During the Corona crisis, our books were flooded with orders for hygiene products and masks. In such constellations, it’s like in football. Everyone puts a lot of money into it, but only one can become champion. The one who dominates the SEO rankings earns a lot of money. Everyone else sits on their expenses. A similar situation currently prevails with CBD products.

Market situation for CBD products

Since 2018, CBD content has been piling up on the web. CBD is an ingredient of the hemp plant and, unlike THC, is not banned. In recent years, research has shown that CBD has extremely positive efficacy, especially in three important areas:

  • It acts as a gentle painkiller. Many people with chronic pain particularly like to use it, as it allows them to avoid harsh medications.
  • CBD is said to be able to lighten the mood. For people with mild depression, this is a great help.
  • For sleep disorders, the calming effect has also been noticed positively.

Due to this gentle effectiveness and the virtually non-existent side effects, the market has been flooded in recent years. Even drugstores like Müller and Rossmann carry such products. The competition is enormous.

How should manufacturers and online shops deal with this? How can they assert themselves on the market with their products?

SEO and Google ranking

It is clear that in such an environment, SEO is not an easy task. At the moment, countless website operators and manufacturers are investing huge sums in SEO work. They are probably outbidding each other with backlinks and content. In any case, the rankings are being shaken up again and again.

To our clients, we say this: If they are big enough to be in there, then content marketing makes sense. But not for the most important keyword, but rather in the long-tail area. Everything else would be too hard to conquer.

Social Media Marketing

For those with a smaller fighting chest and budget, marketing via social media has proven helpful. However, it only helps if the products are really good.

Successful suppliers have done it by setting up affiliate programmes. They distribute free samples of CBD oil etc. to influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook. They test the products. If they are good, they recommend them to others. The influencer uses a certain code. With this code, customers receive a discount in the web shop. At the same time, he assures the advertiser a commission. With this means, smaller companies can definitely assert themselves better and build up a reach relatively quickly. One order usually turns into regular customers who remain loyal to their brand.