In American films you always see scenes where a pregnant woman gets a visit from her friends shortly before the birth. They sit there, drink tea or coffee, eat cake and laugh together. At some point, the time comes when huge, colourful packages are handed over. In the Anglo-Saxon world,Continue Reading

It sounds old-fashioned by now, but many businesses work exclusively locally and have no interest whatsoever in operating supra-regionally in any form. Nevertheless, they also have to invest in SEO. Because within a region, they too are sometimes exposed to enormous competition. For them, so-called Local SEO is decisive. ItContinue Reading

In reality, a holiday is the German’s favourite child and not the car. Because more and more people are doing without the latter, while holidays are an essential part of life. This is noticeable in the Corona crisis, where many citizens have to do without. When recreation is absent, theContinue Reading