Win more in raffles and competitions

Life is unfair. Humans are emotional creatures and don’t always treat everything and everyone the same. Fortunately, in our case today. Because this circumstance can help you to win more in sweepstakes than the probability calculation would allow.

The world is full of sweepstakes. On Facebook, in magazines, on the internet, radio, television – everywhere. Why? Because companies use this method to generate attention, to make themselves known or to generate leads. Hardly anywhere is it as easy to get hold of valuable customer data as with promises of prizes or gifts. For you as an ordinary citizen, this results in numerous opportunities.

Generating profits with raffles

In a competition with a raffle, the amount of the prize is usually not as astronomically high as in the lottery. But the chance of winning is much higher. This is because prizes are usually drawn from the mass of entries. With the lottery, on the other hand, the combination has to be right. No one automatically wins. The fewer people who participate, the better your chances.

The first step would be to register on a portal where an agency takes care of the participation. Such companies scour the web for raffles and sweepstakes. They automatically register their customers. This is especially easy with competitions on the web or social media. Every now and then, a small gift arrives by post.

But there is also the option of taking care of it on your own. Some people even do it professionally. They exploit the typically human qualities of the jury. Numerous examples of this have already been shown in the media, providing background information. The professional participants do not just send in a postcard when it comes to a raffle. Instead, they create a huge, colourful letterhead that has been decorated with photos and handicrafts. When there is a huge mountain of postcards in front of the company’s employees and then a sheet like this, the decision is clear. Immediately they say, “Oh look at that, how beautiful.” And Fortuna has already struck. Of course, such a work of art is more likely to be pulled out of the pile. After all, the employees are bored, too.

In Internet competitions, there are access restrictions now and then, for the sake of the target group. Your data is requested there. If you fit into the target group, then you can take part. Experience has shown that people with a secondary school diploma, vocational training and an average income are most likely to be admitted. Unless, of course, it’s about premium brands. Therefore, as a participant, it helps to have a rough idea of the company that is organising the competition. When it comes to questions about oneself, the difference between truth and untruth can be interpreted somewhat flexibly.