The right jewellery lets your personality shine

The right jewellery underlines your personality. Is it silver, gold or diamonds? Which jewellery suits which personality? Find out here.

Personality makes every person unique

Personality is what makes every person unique. It makes every person fascinating and unique. If you don’t show your personality or even hide it, you often look pale and intangible to other people. That is a pity, of course. Because other people are basically interested in others and, in a positive sense, curious to get to know the other person. With jewellery, everyone can easily underline their personality and set accents.
What type of jewellery are you?

Classic or playful?

A mostly classic type tends towards a certain straightforwardness. A high degree of structure is typical. Clear lines with a strong statement suit this type. Exaggerated flourishes or a flowery playfulness are less suitable for the classic type. But classic does not mean austere at the same time. Pearls or diamonds stand for clarity. If you want to emphasise your feminine side, go for delicate colours and soft shapes. The feminine type usually likes creativity, is soulful and charming. Curved and soft shapes therefore suit this type perfectly. Gold and silver jewellery can underline the softness. Playful shapes, for example, with a combination of different sizes and several chains and colours can show the feminine side. Strong geometric shapes, on the other hand, can be disturbing. However, if you want to emphasise these facets of your personality more, go for straight and soft shapes.

Natural or extravagant?

The sporty and natural type usually does not like extremes or strong conspicuousness. Casualness and practicality are more in the foreground here. Jewellery that suits this type is usually neither quite playful nor quite classically straightforward. They should have something uncomplicated, but can also be a clear eye-catcher. Here you can try out simple and uncomplicated shapes. Strong colours as a clear accent can also be used perfectly. For example, classic watches with coloured bracelets show simplicity and fashion consciousness in equal measure. Restrained shapes underline a natural type. If, on the other hand, you like it extravagant, there are few limits. Are you eye-catching and unusual? Your jewellery can be like that too. Use it to stand out. Here, too, it’s all about the right choice. Because here, too, less can be more. For example, an impressive coloured bracelet can be enough to make a statement. Or feathers and ornaments are a good accessory here.

The best thing is just to try it out. In an online shop you will surely find the right inspiration to make your personality shine.