Hosting a baby shower – a good idea?

In American films you always see scenes where a pregnant woman gets a visit from her friends shortly before the birth. They sit there, drink tea or coffee, eat cake and laugh together. At some point, the time comes when huge, colourful packages are handed over. In the Anglo-Saxon world, this event is called a baby shower. It is called a shower because the unborn child is showered with love and presents. What is one to make of such a party? Is it okay to organise such surprises?

What speaks in favour of a baby shower

For a long time, pregnancy was glorified in the media and in television commercials. Everywhere only perfect maternal happiness, everyone is enjoying it, everyone is in a good mood. Only in recent years have emancipated women started to talk more and more openly about the fact that this time is associated with numerous stresses and problems. These include nausea, hormonal fluctuations, bloating, pain, anxiety and much more. At the end of the time, most people can’t wait for it to finally be over.

Basically, you can say that a baby shower is a welcome change during this phase. Every positive experience is helpful in shortening the last moments before the finish line. And what could be nicer than a visit from so many good friends who put the expectant mum centre stage for a day.

Scientists point out that happiness hormones have a double payoff. Mum and baby are connected by the umbilical cord. They share blood and they therefore share the emotions they go through. If the mum is happy, the baby is happy. If, on the other hand, stress hormones are released, then that too will filter through to the little one. Therefore, as parents-to-be, you should do everything you can to make a pregnant person feel relaxed and good as often as possible.

What speaks against a baby shower

As already mentioned, pregnancy is characterised by high emotional fluctuation. Some women experience short periods of depression. They do not necessarily have to be severe. But in this state they recover best when they are given the opportunity to withdraw and take their time. In such a mood, everything is too much. Even a wellness holiday would mean stress in this case. Under such circumstances, a baby shower would be a nice gesture. Nevertheless, the event would certainly miss its target and rather backfire.


A baby shower is definitely a great thing and can help expectant mothers to be even happier and have a great day.

However, it should not be done as a complete surprise. If possible, the organisers should make contact a few days in advance and see if the conditions are just right.