If you have children, you are fighting on two fronts at the same time. You can say what you want, but the stress level is simply higher. Parents have less free time and rest than couples without children. Time for regeneration is scarce. That’s why holidays are always something likeContinue Reading

Propylene, also known as propylene ethylene copolymer, is a chemical substance that is used in many different areas of industry. This copolymer of ethene and propene is a substance with ideal chemical properties, which is why it is so popular in so many different fields. But what exactly is propylene?Continue Reading

The classic light bulb has now been successfully ousted from households. Good for the environment, they consumed huge amounts of electricity because they produced a lot of heat. They were replaced by economical LED lights. This was particularly important in the bathroom, because bathrooms often have no windows and thereforeContinue Reading