Hair Transplant - why it is necessary and how it helps you to become more attractive

Hair transplantation – is it really worth it?

Vin Diesel is bald, so is The Rock and Jason Statham anyway. All tough guys – at least on screen. Even without hair they spray truckloads of testosterone and masculinity. Can it really be that a bald man is so unattractive? Why do some men go to such enormous lengths and undergo hair transplants? We reveal some interesting facts about this.

Baldness is ok – but not for everyone

Despite their baldness, the men mentioned above are considered immensely attractive. However, this is not true for every man, but mainly for those who bring success and a radiant personality. In addition, these stars have a body that consists of pure muscle mass. Then a kind of halo effect is created, where the positive qualities and features more than outshine the problem zones. Moreover, it makes a difference whether it is a full bald head or a half bald head. According to studies, people associate more positive aspects with a full bald head: Aggressiveness, strength, leadership, bravado, dominance and social maturity. Presumably this is due to Hollywood stars and the casting of sympathetic figures in appropriate roles. For the opinion picture was not always like this. There were also times when long hair, full beards, floral shirts and bell-bottoms were considered godlike.

The fact is, however, that men with half a bald head are perceived by women as significantly less attractive. Statistics prove this scientifically. In addition, bald men are estimated to be several years older on average. In terms of career, they are considered less competent, so that they are noticeably disadvantaged in the statistics when it comes to promotions. Such stochastic conspicuities are a clear sign that certain thought patterns are apparently instinctively anchored in society. They lead to bald gentlemen experiencing disadvantages in life. They are not as serious as exclusion due to racism, but they are there. In principle, therefore, it is already worthwhile to pay close attention to the wool on one’s head and to get more information about the costs from hair transplantation possibilities.

For those who do not want to accept this, hair transplantation is the only way to help with hair loss. In this way it is possible to regain the splendour of the hair.

Who needs a hair transplant?

First of all, it makes sense to see a doctor if you are suffering from hair loss. Losing your hair can have various causes. For example, there are hormonal or psychosomatic reasons. If all these factors have been ruled out, transplantation is the last option.

Where does the hair for a hair transplant come from?

A characteristic of bald people is the fact that only very few get a full bald head immediately. Instead, the areas on the back of the neck and on the side of the head usually continue to grow hair. Individual specimens are taken from these and replanted with their roots on the top of the head. In this way, the root can establish itself and ensure further, natural growth in the future. You can see how this all works in a experience report:

Where should I go for a hair transplant?

If you look around on the internet, you will find countless hair transplant providers. Some are from your home country, others come from Eastern Europe and Turkey. Of course, the operations are much cheaper there. Basically, you should not think in terms of countries and make generalisations. In every region of the world there are good doctors and there are bunglers. Therefore, it is important to look for a clinic where the experience of real customers is the deciding factor.

Of course, the question here is how to find real customers. Our tip is to turn to the Hairforlife International: Online-Consultation for Hair Transplants centre, for example. Another possibility would be to ask your acquaintances if someone knows someone. The world is smaller than you think. It is also possible to look for influencers on social media who publish their experiences. On Instagram, under the hashtag #hairtransplant, you can find quite a few people who have gone through this. Look for people who are obviously authentic in all their posts and not prone to sleaze and corruption.

What else should you know about hair transplantation?

You should be aware as a prospective customer that this is a surgical procedure. You will not come out of the operating theatre and then immediately present your splendour of hair at the next disco. After the treatment you will have to be very careful with your head. You will have to be careful when showering and also be a little more careful in other ways. Once this period of care is over, however, you can enjoy a fresher, younger look that will stay with you for a long time.