Holidays with the family – how to finance?

If you have children, you are fighting on two fronts at the same time. You can say what you want, but the stress level is simply higher. Parents have less free time and rest than couples without children. Time for regeneration is scarce. That’s why holidays are always something like an oasis to which you can retreat every now and then during the year. The only problem is that it costs a lot of money. The more children, the higher the costs. Many hotels and airlines charge the same price for the little ones. If you’re travelling with four or five, you can always expect costs approaching those of a good second-hand car. So what can you do to make sure there is enough money?

Where should the money for the family holiday come from?

If you want to have more money left over for your holiday fund, there are basically two ways to go about it. One method would be to increase your income. The other is to save money. There is actually a third way, and that is to take out a loan. That is also what we are talking about here.

Increase your income

If you have given up your job because of your children, you should think about whether it always has to stay that way. Of course, children need a lot of attention and care. And in the first years they are often sick. But those times will pass. But many parents do not keep up with the development. They no longer increase their working hours. You hear time and again, especially from women, that they work part-time because of the children. When you ask them how old they are, they say: 12 and 15. Seriously, at such an age, the kids don’t need a permanent guardian.

Saving money

There are countless tips on how to save money in everyday life. There are thousands of blogs and newspaper articles on the web. In our opinion, many of them are easy to implement. You are guaranteed to find some valuable incentives in them. We would rather point to a more strategic approach. Basically, pay for everything that is somehow possible with the card. And then at the end of the month, look through the invoices. Everyone has individual preferences. On the bills, you will then see your own particularly well. Namely, those that cost you particularly dearly. Depending on what kind of expenses are taking the highest sums there, you could check whether something can be done about them. Maybe you discover that most of your money goes on clothes, or on eating out? It’s easy to cut back on these kinds of expenses.

Take out a loan

Yes, credit always sounds so evil, but it’s not. Basically, loans are there to enable you to spend money earlier. A completely normal process. Liquidity is important. And in this case, it is possible to simply pre-finance the holiday and then pay it off until the next one. Look for comparison portals for loans on the net and take the cheapest one. Then you can relax on holiday and regenerate your working capacity. Because that is also an important asset.