Bottled Water vs Tap Water - which is better

Drinking water – from the bottle or by treatment?

Water is the most important element of our existence. Humans can endure hunger for a long time, but without water we barely survive a few days. Our body consists of 2/3 liquid. A regular supply in sufficient quantities is therefore indispensable. But which water should you drink to provide your body with the optimal supply? It’s not just about the liquid itself. It’s also about what’s in it. Should you buy it in the shop? Or perhaps take it from the tap and then treat it?

What are the differences in water?

As an agency, we can see the differences in water in the fact that our colleagues all drink a different brand. In the beginning, the agency provided water free of charge from the supermarket. But not everyone could drink it because the taste was not right. Switching to a different brand only led to some drinking it, but others no longer did. In the end, it turned out that we would have had to buy from 4 or 5 different discounters and grocery shops to make everyone happy.

You can say what you like. Bottled mineral water has a taste all its own. The reason for this is that such water usually comes from sources where different minerals are contained in varying amounts. See here, with the Volvic brand:

Volvic Mineralwasser Anteil Mineralien und Spurenelemente
Volvic Mineralwasser Anteil Mineralien und Spurenelemente

In comparison, there is one from Urstromquelle:

Urstromquelle Mineralwasser Anteil Mineralien und Spurenelemente
Urstromquelle Mineralwasser Anteil Mineralien und Spurenelemente

A single glance and you can see that Urstromquelle contains about 4 times as much sodium as Volvic and 6 times as much sulphate. All this, of course, has an effect on the taste.

Our tip here is to pick your brand and find the variety that best suits your taste.

Is bottled mineral water recommended for health?

Since water is such an important element, all suppliers are subject to strict laws. They test their products for germs and contamination at regular intervals. Anyone who did not meet the government requirements would have to stop selling immediately. From this point of view, there is no real danger. However, buyers of plastic bottles should be aware that they are taking in microplastic particles with every drink.

Here is at least a small idea of how to choose a healthy mineral water:


Is tap water better than mineral water?

The most important difference between tap water and mineral water is the ingredients. Tap water is usually not as rich in magnesium and calcium, etc. However, if you follow a balanced diet, you will absorb these important elements in sufficient form. This means that one could easily drink only tap water all one’s life and be in perfect health.

There is only one drawback. Drinking water is treated in a sewage treatment plant. There it is purified in various ways. It is then returned to the natural water cycle. From there, it reaches the water pipes in the house again in a roundabout way.

In principle, the technology of sewage treatment plants is so sophisticated that the most important bacteria, viruses, pollutants, particles, etc. are filtered out. Unfortunately, however, it has become apparent in recent years that they are not everything. Therefore, it might be better to get uncompromisingly clean drinking water through Evodrop. Why?

Studies show that some hormones and chemical residues are NOT completely removed. The reason for this is that many people dispose of their medicines in the toilet and not in the residual waste, where it would be incinerated. In addition, such substances also enter the sewage system through the urine of our fellow citizens. In addition, there have been increasing stocks of microplastics for several years. And, there are sometimes problems with bacteria, parasites and viruses. In the USA, for example, there was an incident of this kind in 1993. There, the sewage treatment plant was not designed to filter out Cryptosporidium parvum. But this is extremely rare. More importantly, the danger lurks in some old pipes in houses, not in the water itself.
Treating tap water

Several companies offer households the option of treating their tap water to better protect their health. Evodrop is your competent partner for water treatment of all kinds – this is one advertising slogan, for example. This company offers a device that provides additional treatment at the nano level. This removes hormones, microplastics and pathogens almost completely. To be seen here in the video:

If you use this method to process your water from the tap, then you are definitely on the safest possible side in your consumption behaviour.