Magnets have become an indispensable part of most products in today’s industry. They can be found almost everywhere where devices are operated with rechargeable batteries or electric engines. Furthermore in many other products. Meanwhile, most of them are manufactured in China, as they are extracted from the rare earths. AContinue Reading

In the small town of Schaffhausen in Switzerland, a somewhat unusual constellation of events is currently taking place in the field of education. Sergei Belusov, a Russian billionaire, has founded a university with his own capital. What should one think of this?

Sales work is a tough job. You have to approach people and convince them to buy a product. There are many rejections, sometimes friendly, sometimes less friendly. Nevertheless, the motto is “smile nicely”, because the customer is always right. The other way to sell goods is advertising in the classicalContinue Reading

There’s a very good book on self-discipline I read. It was written by Roy Baumeister and contains pretty much the best advice on the subject I’ve read so far.