In German labour law, the subject of holidays is very strictly regulated. There are precise rules about who is allowed to take leave, when and how much. During this time, employees continue to receive their wages. However, it also states that the leave is to be used for recreation. ThisContinue Reading

At school, there were subjects that got on your nerves immensely. Others you learned with great pleasure. As an adult, you don’t think back on them so often. But usually these activities are the ones that can bring us joy later on. Because apparently there is a predisposition. A predispositionContinue Reading

Women don’t have it easy with their bodies. Throughout their lives, they are exposed to strong hormonal fluctuations. One of these phases in life is unknown to many. It is the perimenopause. It is the period that begins a few years before the end of the last menstrual period. InContinue Reading