What do I have to consider regarding pension entitlements abroad?

We SEO experts are working in an area that has a magical attraction for globetrotters. In the digital world, open-mindedness and curiosity is simply part of the basic personality. Many of our colleagues worked abroad for a long time during their studies or after their training. Sometimes a few months, sometimes even years. Such experiences are good and important. Because this way you can see sometimes very different approaches in the field of search engine optimization and learn immensely. A completely different topic that such stays abroad bring with them are questions about retirement. For most SEO people still far away, but such things should be taken care of as soon as possible. We show why and what is important.

Foreign job and pension – what to look out for?

One of the basic concepts of the EU is the free movement of workers. Residents of all countries can settle wherever they want to work or spend their pension. Although we in Switzerland are not members, this agreement also exists with our country. Of course, pensions are also regulated accordingly. Because in the meantime it is almost part of the normal biography of life that Europeans work in several countries in their professional life. And wherever they have paid in, pension claims have arisen. Employees can have such periods credited against their later pensions.

There are sometimes country-specific features. It therefore makes sense to deal with these entitlements as soon as possible and to seek clarification with the pension fund at home. The range of legal questions is large and constantly changing.

Currently, for example, many citizens are worried about BREXIT. Great Britain is leaving the EU. Fortunately, one can assume in principle that such agreements are independent of whether a country is in the EU or not. This is also the case with EU foreigners working in our country. If you are a Swiss citizen and would like to know more about your UK entitlements and how to secure them, you can consult a UK pension advice. There are enough online tools on the Internet for that question.

In general, it is good to deal with the rules of other countries in this context and get help. In some countries, for example, there are minimum pensions. Citizens are guaranteed these, regardless of whether they have only lived there for a few months or years. So it can happen that a short stay in a foreign country turns into a golden ticket. One where you get significantly more money for less time than you would have to spend at home.



Our advice to all globetrotters, whether they are SEO experts or not: Take care of foreign pension claims in time and make sure that they are included in your retirement pension. In all cases, the returns are huge, because the payments will continue to run until the end of your life.