Why one should use a VPN?

Stolen identities, hacked company secrets, stolen personal data – these things are commonplace on the Internet. Why? Because there is basically a connection between every computer in a gigantic, global network. So theoretically, anyone can attack each other’s devices. Whether or not this is successful depends on the security technology used. One method that plays a role here is virtual private networks – VPN for short. We show how they work and why NordVPN is one of the most important providers.

Why a VPN is so important

To perform a hack there are many starting points. Attackers can penetrate through gaps in software products or directly via devices. For example, the WLAN router that is installed in your home. Your communication with the worldwide network runs over this device.

However, if you use a VPN, the communication is redirected. Your data traffic is redirected via an intermediate station. More precisely, it is a high-security server of a VPN provider.

This server has firewalls, encryption and many other technologies to prevent others from accessing your PC over the Internet. Here in the video a nice explanation:

Companies use such VPN so that their employees can securely access the internal company network from outside their home. A VPN allows a very precise restriction of those computers that are allowed to access. With the help of IP addresses or MAC addresses all other “visitors” can be locked out directly at the firewall.

Why is NordVPN so well-known?

Experts often make comparisons between VPN providers. Thereby NordVPN regularly comes off best. The reason for this is that their technical security measures are always up to date.

NordVPN is considered very secure and can be configured well on all devices, whether desktop or cell phone, everything works. Especially the equipment with servers is emphasized. These are located in over 60 countries, a total of over 5,000, ensuring that there are no performance problems with regard to data capacity. This is particularly interesting for companies that generate immense data traffic because it is part of their business model. They also have a keen interest in data security. Often they have gigantic customer databases with many personal details of their users.

But for private users, the self-employed and small businesses, cheaper providers can also do it. The range of possible VPD service providers is wide and the selection can be well tailored to your own purposes. In any case, the installation makes sense. Otherwise it is too easy for hackers to spy on data and technologies.