Optimum processing of baby hair with the Finishing Stick

Baby hair – This term is probably only known to real fashion insiders and hairdressers. It concerns the very fine hairs near the forehead, which are sometimes difficult to get a grip on. Some use this effect specifically from let the fluff playfully fly around by the wind. Others wish they could integrate them into the hairstyle and leave them completely out. For the latter there is now the Finishing Stick. It allows baby hair to disappear very easily – without scissors of course.

Baby-Hair – what to do with it?

This topic is one in which even the Hollywood stylists form very different factions. Especially Jenniger Lopez, Katy Perry and the Kardashian sisters are known for their often even deliberately staged fluff. However you decide to deal with it. Recently there is the so-called Finishing Stick. In the USA this small tool is very popular. Now it is also available in Germany and is gaining more and more friends.

Finishing Stick – how does it work?

The Finishing Stick is a utensil which is very similar to mascara. However, the shape of the brush is slightly different and also the content is different. Inside the container there is a transparent, colourless varnish. Don’t worry about the ingredients – quality products use purely vegetable ingredients.

With the help of the brush, the liquid is applied to the very fine hair. There they first donate liquid. This makes the hair soft and malleable so that it can be combed in any direction with the comb.

In the following video the principle of the Finishing Stick is explained:

Now the users of the stick have the choice:

If you want to soften a very strict look a bit, you can comb the baby hair with the stick forward, so that you can see the roots on forehead and temple. The fine and handy brush enables high precision work. This method creates a playful, delicate fluff that will soften any heart. It is only important to make sure that no longer hair is brushed out, otherwise the hairstyle will be a bit messy.

If, on the other hand, you value a shiny hairline, you can do exactly the opposite and use the brush to brush the hair into the hairstyle. This is especially recommended if the baby hair is dry or even matted. In this case, the gel will ensure that it stays in shape and does not become frizzy again with the slightest gust of wind.