Content Marketing – What to consider for success

Sales work is a tough job. You have to approach people and convince them to buy a product. There are many rejections, sometimes friendly, sometimes less friendly. Nevertheless, the motto is “smile nicely”, because the customer is always right. The other way to sell goods is advertising in the classical sense. One buys broadcasting time on television or an advertisement page in a magazine and thus fills a mass of people with sound. 80% of people are basically not interested in it and with the remaining 20% you hope that someone will find it good and buy it. This is also not always the most efficient method.

The more modern alternative is content marketing and the approach works like this: offer good, valuable content to a target group and the interested people will come to you by themselves. The probability that they will then buy something there is much higher, because the stream of visitors has been carefully pre-filtered by the content.


How does content marketing work?

Content marketing is primarily about offering content that corresponds to the interests of a clearly defined group. Let’s take beekeepers as an example. You create a website about beekeeping. There you will find rich subpages with important information and instructions. There are also blog articles about current developments in the field. On YouTube, a channel is created where videos are used to provide further information. On the Facebook page interested parties can meet and exchange information.

This is what a well-rounded concept would look like now, with which one can get a target group to gather in one “place”. Visitors will find you with search engines, as good content is the best SEO method in the world. On all channels you can now place relevant advertisements, affiliate links or your own products. The turnover will be abundantly bubbling.

For example, I know a YouTuber that runs a channel about acne and how to control it. The number of subscribers is manageable and so are the hits. Nevertheless, he has about 20 times as much sales via Amazon partner links as I do, although I have significantly more traffic. His advantage is that his audience has been filtered so well by this small niche that there is virtually no wastage.

So this is what well organized content marketing looks like. The advantage of the method is that it can be relatively inexpensive. TV advertising is expensive and you have to run it over and over again. In contrast, a good website and the accompanying YouTube videos only have to be created once. They can potentially deliver huge returns over the years without ever having to be reworked. People continue to come to the search engines all by themselves.

If you want to be active in this area, then you should look for a team of professionals. They may cost you some money, but you will avoid years of testing and expensive mistakes.