Sleeve gastrectomy – permanently effective weight loss

There are people who spend their whole lives just being on a diet. They try one after the other and none works. Mockers often say that people should just control themselves. But that’s nonsense, because being overweight works the same way as any other kind of addiction. The psyche makes it almost impossible for those affected to achieve a healthy weight. In such cases, a tube stomach surgery can help. We introduce this method.

Why it is so hard to lose weight

You can see it particularly well in the magazines for women. Every week there is a new diet that helps you lose weight quickly without starving. Weightwathchers earn themselves stupidly with people’s weakness, because they know that overweight is like a permanent dependency. The supposed weakness of will is not the reason, because also overweight people are able to complete their studies and to accomplish intellectual high icing, which not everyone else is capable of. Therefore, it is sometimes no longer possible to solve the problem other than to perform an operation that works permanently. One of them is the sleeve gastrectomy operation.

What are the advantages of tubular stomach surgery?

Basically, the idea behind any form of stomach reduction is quite simple. The smaller the stomach size, the less food the patient can eat because they feel full much faster. There are different treatment methods to achieve this:

  • adjustable gastric band
  • gastric bypass
  • sleeve gastrectomy

Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages. The tube stomach is said to have fewer side effects than the others. The necessary operation can be performed laperoscopically. This means that instead of cutting the abdomen completely open, 4 smaller incisions are made. Inside the body, a camera and indirectly controlled instruments are used, which can be controlled from the outside. This procedure is therefore considered to be minimally invasive and gentle.

During the operation, a large part of the stomach is removed, leaving only a few centimetres wide. It has the shape of a tube – hence the name. Patients are satisfied much faster after the treatment. In addition, much less of the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin are produced. As a result of the treatment, there is usually a significant loss of weight, which is sustainably maintained – without any special diet. The advantage is that the functions of the stomach are largely the same, only that its volume is smaller.

Who is eligible for a tube stomach surgery?

For overweight people, the limit is set at a BMI of 40. If other diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure are present, a BMI of 35 is sufficient. In addition, it must be proven that several weight loss attempts under medical supervision have failed.