You should call an exterminator for these pests.

Pests are a widespread problem to which many people in Germany are exposed. Be it moths, an ant trail in the pantry or a marten chewing up your car hoses. All these cases are extremely annoying and could possibly cost you a lot of money. But not only that, diseases can also be spread by pests. So if you notice a pest infestation on your premises, do not hesitate to contact the expert pest control Frankfurt. We have summarised for you in this article what types of pests there are in Germany and what you need to pay special attention to.

These pests are particularly common in Germany

Mice: The big city is an ideal place for these small rodents to live. Warm houses and especially rubbish, which is the perfect food source for mice, attract this pest into our living spaces. Even the smallest openings and holes offer mice the opportunity to penetrate houses and flats. Even if it doesn’t seem too dangerous at first glance because it is small and skittish, the mouse can quickly become a major problem. Once it has entered, the mouse spreads at a rapid pace. It also destroys food supplies and can damage cables and wiring. And the rodent can also transmit diseases. So if you have found mice in your home, you should definitely call an exterminator. They can help you effectively and sustainably combat the infestation.

Woodworms: Although woodworms are fortunately not harmful to human health, they can unfortunately cause considerable financial damage. Unnoticed, they can destroy wooden furniture or other wooden elements such as floors or wall panelling. They can cause lasting damage to the wood. In doubtful cases, so much so that load-bearing beams in houses are irreparable. This leads to repairs to the house that would otherwise not have been necessary. You can recognise woodworms mainly by wood flour, which can be found near the wood. Dead woodworms and a lack of strength in the wood are also clear indicators of a pest infestation. Again, if you notice these characteristics, urgently contact a professional exterminator. They will help you to remove the pest as quickly as possible so that further damage can be avoided.

In general, it is always advisable to consult the expert instead of ignoring the problem or fighting it with home remedies. In the end, this only causes greater damage that has to be removed afterwards. A trained exterminator will always be able to help you most effectively.