Renting out furnished properties – more money is possible

When someone rents out a property and the prospective tenants come to view it, there are all kinds of constellations there. We show you a strategy to find those among them who are likely to pay the most rent, so that your returns increase significantly.

Why furnished properties are better to let

If you have already been to a property inspection as the owner of a property, then you are certainly familiar with the most varied motives why people are looking for a flat. There are prospective tenants who are just getting divorced or want to move in with a partner. There are students who have enrolled at university or those who are dissatisfied with their previous flat. Very often, however, there are also candidates who have been transferred to a city by their company or who are starting a new job. They are ideally suited to rent furnished properties well.

The expert for furniture living rooms told us that investors who want to furnish a vacant flat inquire again and again. The reason for this is that job-related moves are generally made by people who are dedicated to their careers. They are usually stressed and have no time at all to drive around the city to look at furniture, furnish the bedroom, let alone install a kitchen. All this costs an enormous amount of time and money, and no one with a busy work schedule wants to do it. If these prospective buyers then come across a beautifully furnished place where they don’t have to worry about anything, they usually hit the jackpot. They don’t mind if the rent is a little higher. In general, the rent can no longer be compared with the local rent – apples and oranges. Therefore, you are usually happy to accept the conditions.

Furthermore, this approach is a good way to cheat the Mietpreisbremse. Social justice is all well and good. But there are also people who have bought a property as old-age provision in order not to be confronted with old-age poverty. For them, the brake is an artificially induced throttling of their source of income, which they have to pay for without compensation. But what rent someone sets for the furnishings included is something that every owner can control. After all, the lifespan of furniture is quite long, so it can be included as a separate item in the rental contract.

For this to work well, it should of course be nice furniture that you place. Someone who is on a high financial level doesn’t want to look every day at furniture that immediately tells you it’s from the cheapest discounter. If you take this to heart, then nothing will stand in the way of improving your return on investment.