Why board games are so good for the brain

As a trained memory trainer, I know very well that training involves many different exercises that address the different abilities of the brain. Exercise sheets or other utensils are used for this. The only problem is that they are not always very entertaining. Therefore, I can recommend an even better training method for the brain: Board games.

Why board games promote thinking skills

Holistic memory training is about training the different cognitive abilities. These include, for example: creativity, logic, word finding, memory, association, flexibility of thought or judgement, etc. If you take a look around the market for board games, you will notice that there is a huge range of exciting and intelligent games. Many of them are incredibly entertaining and promote several skills at the same time.

These include, above all, those that require a strategic approach. In such board games, the participants are almost forced to make all the cogs in their heads turn. They realise that every insignificant decision at the beginning can turn into a huge mistake at the end. Therefore, it is necessary to make rational, well-founded decisions.

And the best thing is: with every change to a different game, the cards are reshuffled. It is necessary to adjust to the new environment, to see through the rules and to venture predictions into the future as early as possible about which decisions will lead to success.

In good games, the widest possible range of skills is thus called upon and new competencies are formed. As a memory trainer, I say: the more board games, the better. It’s best to change up every now and then so that not only the logicians or the financial experts get a chance to play. Because winning at Monopoly is one thing, but being just as good at Taboo is something else. Everyone should always develop the skills they are not so good at.

Board games – always stay well equipped

The advantage of board games is that there is a huge secondary market for them. So there is variety at all times. They are very easy to buy second-hand. There is a huge selection in the classifieds. On the other hand, it is of course also possible to buy them new and then sell them on with only a slight loss in value. At least if the budget makes it necessary.

The important thing to know is: there are definitely an insane number of great games out there. Keep an eye on the market for new releases. Read reviews. Then you will always find something entertaining where you can let off steam with family or friends.